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What is Hak Pakai in Indonesia?

Many people dream of living in Bali and owning a home here. If you have the funds, understanding how to legally acquire land is important. Hak Pakai, or Right to Use, allows foreigners to use land in Indonesia since they cannot own it outright as Hak Milik (Right of Ownership).

With Hak Pakai:

- A foreigner can use the land for up to 30 years and may extend this period for another 20 to 30 years, but not exceeding 80 years in total.

- This option is available only to foreigners who live in Indonesia and have a KITAS, KITAP, or Second Home Visa.

- The land must be purchased either from Indonesian landowners with Hak Milik or from state-controlled land.

Keep in mind:

- Only certain lands are suitable for Hak Pakai.

- A foreigner can only have one Hak Pakai property, used for either residential or commercial purposes.

- The maximum size for Hak Pakai land is 2000 square meters.

- There is a minimum price requirement for purchasing Hak Pakai land.

- It's wise to consult a legal professional to help with the process.

- You'll need to prepare all necessary documents and check that you qualify for Hak Pakai.

- The process involves several steps and can take time, so be patient and plan accordingly.

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