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Jeanny Grace Director of Pandu Consultancy


Founder and Director

With 10 years of regulatory work in Bali and experience in management roles in various companies in Bali and Jakarta, she has had the privilege of assisting a wide range of clients in numerous industries. Wellness, beauty, sports, F&B, and the health industry are some of her favourite areas. Her task is to guide and assist clients in complying with regulations.

Angga Manuwangsa Legal Consultant


Legal Consultant

An experienced and licensed Indonesian lawyer with a proven track record of handling and delivering multi-million dollar property and corporate projects throughout Indonesia, as well as assisting clients from all over the world in establishing a presence in several regions of Indonesia. An individual who is highly result-oriented, has a pragmatic consulting approach, and is an expert in Property Law, Corporate Law, Merger & Acquisition, and Business Development. Angga also spoke English, Bahasa, and Balinese fluently.

Fitri Ertuti Legal Consultant


Legal Consultant

Fitri holds a law degree from Hasanuddin University. She has 7 years of legal document handling experience. When it comes to completing her obligations, she has an observant attitude and a goal-oriented mind. Despite her serious occupation, she maintains a lighthearted attitude.  What a fantastic mix!

Budiani Visa Specialist


Visa & Immigration Specialist

Budiani has been facilitating clients with Visa processing for over 7 years. Her problem-solving abilities and logical thinking are frequently essential in assisting clients with complex visa challenges. 

Wayan Wiratni Local Permit Specialist


Local Permit Specialist

She has 10 years of experience patiently supporting clients with various local permit needs, such as building licences, restaurant licences, alcohol permits, Operational Licences and so on. Her understanding of local networks and policies is critical in fulfilling client assignments.

Nabila Ramadhani Administration Staff


Client Service & Admin

Bella Graduated from Malaya University majoring in Geology, it has very little to do with what she does now other than her rock-solid work ethic. She is organized, and responsible, and delivers work promptly.

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